Assets Protection

Access Control, Electric Fence, Intercom, Alarm Systems, Gate Automation, Fire Protection and Time & Attendance.

What can you expect from our Asset Protection?

Access Control
Time and Attendance
Intercom System

IP network based intercoms can be deployed into a client’s existing network infrastructure, this can result in a reduced deployment cost, and IP Intercom system can consist of multiple devices and can be up to 500 devices per master station

Fire Detection

Fire Detection Systems are necessary to prevent, minimize or alert relevant authorities of potential fire situations. The most widely-used systems are either automated or manually activated. Detection Systems, of which the two main types are Conventional and Addressable, are comprised of the following components:

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing is used to manage security and perimeter enclosure for commercial, industrial, manufacturing and agricultural sites.

Wild Animals and Domestic Livestock:

Security is not a Product, It is a Process

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